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3 ways business owners can be an awesome podcast guest

Episode Summary

You may already be aware that there’s more to being a podcast guest than just showing up. Do that once or twice and you might get away with it, but ultimately, how well you interview on the day will be determined by how you prepare in the weeks before. In this episode, I show you how to shine during your next podcast interview, so you can promote yourself and your business with confidence, give value to listeners, AND impress the host. I share my top 3 tips to help you prepare for your next podcast appearance, so you can be a good, no, AWESOME podcast guest. Listen in to learn more.

Episode Notes

Hi, it’s great to see you back here. 

In today’s episode, ‘3 ways business owners can be an awesome podcast guest’, I show you how to shine during your next podcast interview, so you can promote yourself and your business with confidence, give value to listeners, AND impress the host.

3 ways business owners can be an awesome podcast guest:

01:54 Podcast guest tip 1: Do your research

03:37 Podcast guest tip 2: Prepare with your audience in mind

05:46 Podcast guest tip 3: Be proactive

07:25 To recap

Remember to listen to the full episode for all the details.

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Episode Transcription

3 ways business owners can be an awesome podcast guest 

So you’ve been offered a spot as a podcast guest. Fabulous!

Now all you have to do is wait for the day of the recording. Right? No. Not so lucky. 

Your work isn’t done yet. There are some essential tasks you need to do to help ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, so you can be a good, or should I say, awesome, podcast guest.

I’ll also be sharing my free Podcast Guest Checklist which will help you before your next guest spot, you can download that later. 

I have a lot of great tips to share with you today, so be sure to keep listening. 

Hi, I’m Simone Cunningham, a content marketing and public relations expert with more than 20 years of industry experience. 

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Being a podcast guest is a great way to boost your authority and get more eyeballs on you and your business.

I’m all about making the most of every opportunity, so in this episode we cover the 3 ways business owners can be an awesome podcast guest.

Let’s get into it.

Guest tip number 1: Do your research

You need to listen to the podcast, research its host and their audience. 

Hopefully this goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway).

Make sure you’re familiar with the podcast, and by that, I mean you’ve listened to more than one episode, and are well-informed about the host, and their audience. 

If you’re not, be sure to do your research well before your scheduled interview.

Check out their social media and their website, looking for clues about what content their audience is interested in.

The more familiar you are with the host’s work, the better your interview will sound on the day of the recording. 

Next, you also need to prepare unique answers ahead of time.

Most podcasters follow a particular formula when they interview, which is useful because you can predict certain questions that will be asked and prepare your answers accordingly.

Even podcasters who try to be unique have signature questions they like to ask their guests, so as part of your research, look for that in their previous episodes.

When answering a question about your background or origin story, keep it brief. Only share the major highlight or turning point that relates to you NOW, not you 5 or 10 years ago.

Interview questions may include: What’s been your biggest challenge? What was your biggest mistake? What’s your favourite quote? What’s your favourite book? What do people get wrong? What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self? Do you have any final words for our listeners?

Remember, you can also reach out to the podcast host and ask them to send you a list of potential questions or topics they would like to discuss. They’ll be more than happy to help you out. 

Guest tip number 2: Prepare with your audience in mind

You need to keep the flow of the interview conversational

The podcast host has invited you onto the show for a reason, and it’s to have a conversation, not listen to a monologue.

Many guests forget that when you answer a question, it’s best to keep it brief. 

I’m obviously not talking about answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You need to elaborate and answer the question, but you shouldn’t feel the need to explain everything in detail.

Giving long explanations can be uninteresting for listeners and may not be useful for them. If a podcast host wants more information or would like you to explain something in greater detail, they’ll ask. 

You can also help your host through the interview by giving them interview pathways to choose from. 

For example give them two options to talk about. Say something like, ‘would you find it useful to talk about the misconceptions around burnout?’ or ‘would it be more helpful if we dig a little more into the triggers?’.

Let the host be the judge of what will be useful for their audience. This will make you look professional and show you’re keen to provide value.

Next, you need to offer practical tips to take away

People who are listening to educational podcasts want to gain actionable insights that they can incorporate into their life or work.

It’s important to take the time to write down a few practical tips or actions you recommend listeners take. 

Are there any particular tools you suggest using, books to read, or thought leaders to research or follow?

This part isn’t about selling them on your courses or asking them to book a call or sign up for your email list. 

You want to talk about some tangible things they can do right away that will help them. 

Your host will appreciate this, and so will their audience.

Guest tip number 3: Be proactive

Think about what questions you can suggest to your interviewer 

You might be thinking, “Isn’t that the host’s job?” 

Well, it is. But clever podcast guests have worked out that by making the lives of the hosts easier, you also open the door to a better interview for yourself.

And more importantly, you’ll be discussing topics that are helpful to your business and the audience you want to reach.

In an email to the host, suggest some ideas you would like to discuss in a short summary and why you think their listeners would be interested. 

Keep it conversational and tell them that you really want to focus on providing value to their audience.

If they don’t like your ideas, they may suggest a different approach. However, the silver lining to this is that you know up front what the interview will be about. 

There'll be fewer surprises on the day of recording.

Lastly, ask your interviewer questions.

Again, this might sound strange. However, remember what I said at the beginning, that a podcast interview is actually a conversation.

If you think of a question to ask the host during the interview, don’t be afraid to ask it at a time that feels natural. It adds to the authenticity of the episode.

Asking questions also gives you the opportunity to see if your conversation is providing value to the audience. 

Ask the host if they would like to hear more about one topic, or if another topic would be better. 

This is helpful for both you and the host, as you’re providing the listener with content they’ll really be interested in.

So to recap: 

Guest tip 1: Do your research

Guest tip 2: Prepare with your audience in mind

Guest tip 3: Be proactive 

Finally, remember as a podcast guest you don’t have to perform or put on a show. 

You were invited to be a guest for a reason, so let your message and personality shine. That’s what listeners will appreciate.

I hope you got value out of today’s episode. 

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